What is extra, what is basic on a website?

It’s always a challange when building a new to find the ballance between what the customer (says he) needs and what the experts (read: people like me working and thinking on the internet) thinks he needs. It can be seen as two oppersites, but I think that it is actually not the case.

The “small” things makes up the difference
When you shop in real life you may have tried to shop in a shopping house where things are handled in a personal manner: You get service, guidence, choices and small things like the way the products are wrapped makes a difference. You feel like you are a person which the shop actually takes serious and handles as an important customer.

On the other hand discount shops focus on one thing only: The price. Somehow it has been become a constant, if you want good prices you must accept poor service, no-personal handling of customer and other things. Perhaps you could draw a line to the way fast food works..?

When it comes to websites sometimes rules like the ones above also seems to apply. I think that it is my risponsebility to be serious about (at least) my part of the development of a website. I should ensure that the content on a website is upto date when it comes to webstandards – from javascript over /CSS to things like and microformats. Here however sometimes is a problem:  People tend to think that implementing things like microformats will add more time to the production time. I do not agree!

The methodes which we as web-developers use should simply be build upon tools ensuring that things like publishing is not something extra – it should be standard. Like in the shopping house which offers a high level of quality,  I would prefer quality instead of discount. It should all be part of the identity of any webdeveloper! Or any company working with the internet.

Tools like WordPress in its basic form support all such quality assuring technologies! So thank you WordPress for making me smile: Serious web publishing tools long live! :-)


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