Snippets: Dynamicweb snippets

If your are working a lot with the CMS system you will find these snippets very handy! I have allready been published a very useful “eval window, where you can see a description about how to “install” it in your browser. Below are five other snippets targeted for users of Dynamicweb CMS.

I have choosen to set the snippet in as a link on each word, so what you need to do to get the actual code is to right click and choose “Copy destination”. On your clipboard the snippet will be then to use as I wrote in the article “eval window“.

Here goes:

  • Log off – Use this to logoff a an extranet user
  • Admin – Open the ADMIN (backend) of the current Dynamicweb CMS site
  • Empty cart – Well… Empty the shopping cart
  • Save Template XML – Will add “savetemplateXML=true” to the current page, which will make Dynamicweb CMS save the XML in the respective template folders
  • GetImage – Will open the “Get Image” URL generator of your Dynamicweb CMS – very usefull!

Oh, and You ofcause can right click the link (snippet) and choose “Add to favourites…” :-)


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