It’s a dream: Serverside javascript!

I know that nothing is perfect, but today I saw a server running javascript! It is based on the mozilla javascript engine which means that it understands the same level of javascript that Firefox does!

So is this a dream?
Well to start with I love javascript! It’s so flexible and fits very well for the internet. With the many very APIs appearing nowadays – like , prototype and other – you would be able to use the same terms, methodes and datastructures on both client- as well as server-side! Google and Yahoo are building serious javascript free APIs which you simply use on the server rather than on the browser.

I just watched a video showing an example where a RSS feed is fetched as XML, transformed using XSLT and added to the DOM using various javascript APIs. Server side that is!

You would be able to manipulate the DOM using javascript syntax and APIs before the page is returned to the browser.

But how do I get it?
Well you can get locally by downloading Aptana framework, which is also very powerfull in general – even if you do not want to play around with serverside javascript.

It is mentioned that it has its own JAXER server, not sure if it means that you will be able to host it only some places… time will show! For now I keep on dreaming!


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