Dipity – Its worth remembering

Its worth remembering – sites which were hits, many visited it – all such sites are shown here in a visual timeline. I personally like to get some help remembering things, one of the main reasons for blogging is exactly that: when I thing something is – Blog it! So that I will remember it (oh and you might find it interesting also!).

I think that I own the people who made me find this “dipty” site, the line of persons and sites are like this:

  1. My wife – she accepted an invitation to visit
  2. Her collegue Pia and her husbond
  3. Hans – who mentioned
  4. The danish TV show “Spam“, who had a story about Dipity

There you are – the information path leading me to find Dipty! :-) Oh, I almost forgot – You should also remember to visit ffffound.com/


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