How to avoid text being converted to graphics

In Xara Web Designer (XWD) you create designs/layouts using a vector based drawing program. You can add textareas, images, buttons, navigation and other web related elements. XWD automatically creates the HTML content and the relevant graphics. It is a cheap, easy, effective and fast tool for static webpages building!

As with all other programs some of the features need to be twisted to create the result you want. For instance if you need text to be placed on a graphic element without the text turning into graphics. The file here shows and instructs you how to achieve this.

If you do not already have a copy of XWD, why not try the 30 days free trial version? (even if the product is priced at a ridiculous cheap price of £ 39!).

The product has a great forum where you can discuss the product, read how-to, see what other are achieving and so on. It is placed a

Here is the example: avoidTextBeingConvertedToGraphics.web


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