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Cant send e-mails? Try changing port number for outgoing e-mail to 26!

I have had problems sending e-mails from my client (Windows Live Mail) and must admit that firstly I suspected the Microsoft product as the problem. Well that fact that Microsoft often is blamed for things which actually not is their fault is another story!

I asked the support from gullestrup.net and they suggested that it was my service provider (Danish company TDC). Sometimes they block traffic on the default port 25 (used for outgoing traffic), so I simply should change port for outgoing traffic to 26.

So today I changed changing it under the Account advanced settings in Windows Live Mail, and voila! I can send e-mails again! :-)

Which javascript libraries do you use?

Sometimes when you see an interesting effect on a site you do a “view source” to find out how the effect was accieved. You are probertly qurious about which javascript library were used to – Library Detector plug-in for firefox will find out which libraries a site uses for you!

It seems relevant if you as me work with implementing websites, so I am happy that crawled by this site – where Library dectector plug-in for firefox came to my attention.