Admittet – I LOVE great Icons! (but cannot myself create them)

From the dawn of my time working with things related to graphics. Here I think about 1981 on the ZX-81, later on the TI-99/4A and Acorn BBC Computer. From that time I have loved icons which illustrate something on a small space. Once working on the Archimedes (Acorn RISC computer) I remember a friend of mine got a task where he had to create I think that it was 4 icons for Ericsson – the size was 32 x 32 pixels and only some 64 (or was it 32) colors were available! He worked hard for many hours and actually produced 4 icons which illustrated for instance “Water department”! :-) Cool!

Today we are spoiled with great icons! Let me link you up with an article with great links to free icons: Icons For Your Desktop and Icons For Your Web Designs. And a taster – I have downloaded some of the Icons:




When I try to create Icons I use Xara Xtreme Pro (open source version for Linux: – a vector based program – which many great icon designers also use. is a place to see examples of that. Here is a teaser:


Xara Xtreme has by the way arrived in a version 5 here in the beginning of june 2009!


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