Google Chrome Frame – a quick path to HTML5?

offers so many interesting new features – like the CANVAS tag which is a area on your page where you can draw something. I have always liked graphics and would love to be able to draw directly on the client – something which not really was possibel throuh SVG. SVG was a great idea, but generally did not get wide spread (for many reasons).

Chrome and other browsers allready support (part of) the HTML5 standard, and now has made something called “ Chrome Frame” for Microsoft Internet Explorer (MSIE) . In short it will allow you to use your MSIE browser but through a plug-in get access to HTML5 elements/features inside you MSIE browser.

I will try to download it, and then comment here as I go along. You can too – find the plug-in here:

Feel free to comment here on your experiences with this plug-in!


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