Google Chrome Frame – a quick path to HTML5?

offers so many interesting new features – like the CANVAS tag which is a area on your page where you can draw something. I have always liked graphics and would love to be able to draw directly on the client – something which not really was possibel throuh SVG. SVG was a great idea, but generally did not get wide spread (for many reasons).

Chrome and other browsers allready support (part of) the HTML5 standard, and now has made something called “” for Microsoft Internet Explorer (MSIE) . In short it will allow you to use your MSIE browser but through a plug-in get access to HTML5 elements/features inside you MSIE browser.

I will try to download it, and then comment here as I go along. You can too – find the plug-in here:

Feel free to comment here on your experiences with this plug-in!


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