Custom fonts on the web? – any fonts…! We are getting closer to having just that at our hands! Visit

On my twitter account I read a “twit” from the Smashing Magazine twitter page: “Long live beautiful typography on the Web – Typekit is live and available for everybody”. That sounded really nice, as I thing that some day we should be able to make the layout of a webpage in the same elegant style as you can today in DTP!

This is a first hand blog post which should perhaps just be categorized as a note – so please have that in mind. I have not any conclusion but I found the website so interesting and potential exicting that I decided to write this blog post. Just watch this screen shoot from Firefox – those are not bitmapped! They are true fonts, which I should note loaded so quickly that I did not notice any font replacing taking place!


So go visit this website:

Please note that some parts of the site does not work in MSIE… :-(


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