Finally – webdav access to Dynamicweb websites!

So far if you are working on a website you had to use the backend “filemanager” or buy a FTP account for your website if you wanted to work with the files on the site. With the latest release 7,  it is now possibel to use webdav, allowing you to open and save directly on the server from your computer!


What you have to do is to setup a virtual path in “Management center > Web and HTTP > Webdav”. Next you need to create a connection to a networkdrive on your computer:


I use windows vista and the above is how it might look in that  windows vista.

You will then be promped for username and password, which is the administrator username and password. When that is done – if everything goes well – you will have a new drive which points to the “/files” section of the Dynamicweb website!

From there on you can treat the webdav based "network drive” as a normal drive! You can copy and paste from local drives, open documents directly and well everything you are used to working on local drives! Very nice improvement! Well done Dynamicweb! :-)


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