Using C# in XSLT transformations – Very strong tool!

When I build websites in CMS I use . At the moment it is based on 1.0 which in its nature ofcause is much stronger than HTML based templates, but somehow limited compared to all the nice features which are defined in 2.0.

You may however extend to the extreme the facilities by using code in XSLT! I will start writing about the things I discover in this direction, writing about pros and cons. For now I wil not give any concrete examples, only mention that I have made an XSLT templates which gets a RSS feed (does a remoteHTTP request) and displays the transformed contents on a Dynamicweb page! Very cool! Something which I actually could not do without having to code my own Dynamicweb module!

It Rocks and I will start to think this into future templates – taking into account ofcause the pros and cons of that path!! This might just prove to be the best christmas present in the IT area of my life, this year!


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