Trying out Google Chrome OS running VirtualBox

I read a post on LifeHacker “The Human’s Guide to Running Google Chrome OS” which has inspired me to try out here on my Dell Vista PC. Here is what I did. And, oh, as I remember: before you start this project – it seems that you need a gmail (google) account to be able to login to the !

First of all I have heard about the upcoming OS “Google Chrome OS” from Google. My philosophy is now that anything from Google is worth a try, so here I go. I then read about on LifeHacker that it should be possibel to run the beta version now, just following some steps described on the article mentioned above. Here is what I did:

  1. Download and install the Sun VirtualBox
  2. Register as a user on
  3. Download the Google Chrome OS image from
  4. Start the and follow the step-by-step guide “How To Run Chrome OS in VirtualBox
    (I used 1024 Mb of RAM for the OS)

You will then have a working virtual machine and when you start you need to sign in with you gmail (google) acount! After that it just runs as any other foreign OS running inside VirtualBox! Cool!


And here is a screenshoot of the VirtualBox application with information about the virtual computer running the Google Chrome OS:


How did it feel?
Well, the OS seems okay. I reset it once after there were no response when clicking on the twitter icon. After the reset it worked however with the YouTube site. As you can read in one of the guides mentioned above, at the moment it is only a browser on top of – well – Google Chroms OS…

YouTube as an example.
The connection was slow and I was a litle disappointed that I did not get any sound from the videoes however, but that is probertly some driver issue in the VirtualBox. So I could not enjoy Oxygene part 2 from Jean Micheal Jarre:


– Oh and after I left it playing for a while… It froze… After a reset (again) it how ever came up with this note:


Being a beta release it is no supprice the state of this early version of an OS. Judging it from this state would not be fair – but if everything on this OS will be internet based, it is a relative different thing for me. Yes, I have many internet based services, but I still have my own “private” harddisk with applications and data on. Perhaps I am getting old when I do not feel 100% comfortable with the idea of a “totally internet based OS” (if that is what Google Chrome OS is aming at…). Still I will be following it (as it comes from Google! :-)).

VirtualBox images
After I uploaded this post first time I found a site with images for VirtualBox – here you can download various OS which you can then run on your host computer, nice :-)


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    • Hi Mark,
      Thank you very much for your comment – I agree! It sure seems much easier and more serious!
      Perhaps that is what I will install on the computer for my 4 years old daughter then :-)

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