Flame – an online painting experiment

I love to see the creativity flourish on the internet. Back in the early days when I started using computers I had a Acorn Archimedes computer. An british computer developed by Acorn computers (who by the way developed the StrongARM processor for use in Acorn Archimedes) for use in schools – in the days before PC became the only choice in the area of computers. In those days people all could do some basic programming, and users of BBC computers were blessed with BBC Basic. That program allowed you to do serious, speedy programming in Basic without having to do peeking and poking like on say Commodore 64. Anyway I almost lost track there – sorry – my point is that on that platform many creative small programs were created. In magazines, like Acorn User, people developed “one-liners”. Simple programs which did not fill more than one line! Believe me – it was amazing what could be crammed into one line of BBC Basic code! Flame could have been such a program. Amazing and inspiring!

What you can do is to draw in some funny style using only your mouse and changing the style by adjusting one or more of the many settings. You can save the result – and here are two of my “results”. Let me say that it is not really the result but the experience – the process which is the actually goal in my humble opinion. So go an try it here: http://www.escapemotions.com/experiments/flame/index.html

One painting of mine

 One painting of mine


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