“Information is beautiful” – if you understand it!

To me it has allways been a joy to deliver information in an understandable form. Being 45 years old I have seen some patterns within my own behaviour (why did it take so long I often ask myself!). Communicating information is a hard task – I prefer to take the piece of information into another form which the reciever will understand. Often transforming the information into something visual make it more likely that the message (information) send will be recieved by the reciever as something close to the original message. Tonight I just found a great website! The website www.informationisbeautiful.net contains several examples of how well information can be consumed if delivered in the correct form!

imageWhat is truely healthy for you?

To the right you see an example. This interactive visualiazation will show you what is healty for you. For your eyes, skin or other of the selectable uses and types. It is very convincing and inspiring I think.

So go visit it here: http://bit.ly/aGoeom


“When sea levels attack”

Another example of – giving you something to think about…

I have a dream…

In Denmark we pay a lot of tax, that is not a problem – I would however like to at least get to know what I am paying to! So my dream is to have some visualization of what the tax I pay for now could be said to cover. I know how much I earn per month, which lets me calculate a tax per hour/minute number. So what you should imagine is: You calculate how much tax I pay on say a national level. You then divide the national tax “spenditures” and get end up with a calender showing for instance for how many weeks I work and pay for the danish armed forces. Or if I look at the clock now: Who am I paying to right now? So the dream would let any person in Denmark log on to a portal which would give such information to them.


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