Finally I bought a smartphone! An Android based HTC Legend.

Here it is - my new smartphone: An Android 2.1 based HTC Legend For a very very long period I have been watching friends and collegues using smartphones like Apple iPhone and Hero. I was never in doubt: Smartphones brought a new meaning to cell phones – a very positive twist! I have had problems however deciding on which way to go – the Apple (iPhone) or the Google () road. The Microsoft road might be interesting, but I have not actually seen one in action amoung my friends – so for me it was never an option.

Yesterday I bought a : An Android 2.1 based

I will try to write here on my blog about my experiences with it – I will create a page “HTC Legend, pros and cons” and “Developing apps for Android based smartphones”. I am looking forward to doing so and hope to bring usefull information to people who are in doubt about which smartphone to invest in. Also I hope to get response from current users of smartphones here on my blog. Developing apps for Android is an area which I will also look into.

For now I will leave it here – later I will edit this post, activating the links to the pages mentioned above! Oh and finally I would like to show what my 4½ years old daughter “invested” in – just to put in contrast what an IT-nerd at the age of 45 is turned on by! :-)

This is what turns my 4½ years old daughter on - the other image shows what the father at the age of 45 likes :-)


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