Could an Android App make someone a fortune?

Ever since I have seen the first iPhone and I have been wondering: “How much money could someone earn on ?” are typically sold at a very small price starting around 1$ – but if you sell a lot of them at that price even one dollar can turn into a big amount! So I looked into AppBrain which is an online service on top of the Android Market adding extra which come in handy for most Android users I guess. You can read my review of AppBrain elsewhere on my blog. Anyway, I have put together a table showing just some of the apps and how much the seem to have been generating (if you can trust the figures at AppBrain).

App name Category Approx. downloads Price Value from $ Value to $
Robo Defense Arcade & Action 50,000-250,000 $2.99 $149,500 $747,500
Beautiful Widgets News & Weather 50,000-250,000 $2.03 $101,500 $507,500
Tower Raiders GOLD Arcade & Action 5,000-10,000 $4.99 $24,950 $49,900
DocumentsToGo Full Version Key Productivity 50,000-250,000 $14.99 $749,500 $3,747,500
Gang Wars 250 Respect Points Arcade & Action 1,000-5,000 $19.00 $19,000 $95,000
WeatherBug Elite News & Weather 10,000-50,000 $1.99 $19,900 $99,5000

Using Microsoft excel I have created a simpel graph showing these numbers in a graph (sorry about the danish thousend seperator):

The approx. money made on 6 random Android Apps

I will let the numbers and graph speak for themself – please comment on them, and if you have earned some cash creating an app for Android or iPhone, I would love to get your comments/experiences as well here!


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