JSON viewer – comes handy

Today I came across a file, hmm… I love the opportunities that gives you as a developer, but it is very compressed and not especially human friendly. Unlike XML, which on the other hand calls for a lot of coding inside a program to convert it into anything other that just data. JSON can contain actual code, functions, objects and ofcause data.

I then googled for JSON viewer and found a very cool tool! “JSON viewer” at codeplex.com. It comes in three variants:

  1. A standalone viewer – JsonView.exe (view example screenshoot)
    No doubt – I found this very easy to use. Click to start, paste JSON and view it…
  2. A plugin for Fiddler 2 (http://www.fiddler2.com/) – FiddlerJsonViewer.dll
    Well, I do not have it installed.
  3. A visualizer for Visual Studio 2005 – JsonVisualizer.dll
    I followed the instructions (though in VS2008), but never really got to a point where I saw the visualizer appear. Perhaps I just dont get the concept of visualizer.

I will not go any further into how to install it, I believe that the readme.txt inside the ZIP file should explain that part. And how to use it – well, try downloading this JSON: http://www.netsi.dk/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/exampleJSON.js and play around with it!


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