Netsi Cycle Template for Google Picasa

image The other day I wrote a post about how you can add templates to Google Picasa – I now have created my first template for ! I name it “Netsi Cycle”, as it offers jQuery based auto cycling through exported images.

You can download Netsi Cycle Template as a zip file here. Also visit the an online demo.

Inside the unzipped folde you will see a structure containing the files which together make the resulting webgalleri. You may want to take a look inside the structure and try changing things like:

  • Effects used
  • Speed of transitions
  • CSS styles

The transitions are handled using a jQuery plugin “jQuery Cycle Plugin” developed by M. Alsup. It is higly customizable which you can see the jQuery Cycle Plugin homepage.

Please feel free to download and put any comments, links til sites where you have used Netsi Cycle here on my blog!


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