The getimage.aspx of Dynamicweb CMS finally can crop as I always wanted it to!

Being a heavy user of Dynamicweb CMS I am very happy to discover that the latest version of the software has made the utility for cropping/scaling images work as I (IMHO) always have wished it to do! It is now possibel to specify both with and height and having the image fit inside the area keeping the aspect ratio of the image! Hurra!

You do know , right?

When you have a design to implement using Dynamicweb CMS and you have a list of items with images – say thumb images, Dynamicweb offers a nice utility which can ensure that the thumbs will have a given dimension. The images are cached on the server, so it is not using unnessesary resources of the server if you use the utility.

The getimage.aspx utility of Dynamicweb CMS

The utility can be found on any Dynamicweb soloution here:


Enter the URL above and you will get a nice wizard which will dynamically produce what you need inside your . You can see the wizard above.

What makes things work for my needs!

To ensure that an image fits inside a container with known dimentions you need to:

  • Enter the dimensions (width/height)
  • Select the cropping offset: “Keep aspect ratio”

Try the utility by entering a path to an image – you have to start from “/files…”. When that is done, simply press OK and you will get a preview under the “Results” tab, as you can see below.

The Results tab of the getimage.aspx Dynamicweb utility

Using the Image URL in your templates

When you are happy with the results you should copy the “Image URL” path (highlighed with blue in the above image). The URL for my example is:


If I were to use this path inside a template, I simply would replace the “/files/billeder/300×80.jpg” with a template tag like “<!--@Ecom:Product.ImageLarge.Clean—->”.

I hope this has helped you! I really find this improvement nice!




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  1. Hallo again
    No i was thinking, if i had 2 coloums (Left 100px right 200px) and i have a paragraph i will use in both. Is it possible to get the width dynamic so i don’t have to make two paragraphs?:-)

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