Drag’n’drop upload images to your Flickr Gallery using Flickr uploader

Every time I copy images/ from my Canon IXUS 970 IX camera to my computer I use   – it works perfect for me, especially with the many options to organise, tag and manipulate the images in a very nice way. When it comes to / however I have a feeling that seems to be a more “serious” site. Here I will tell you about how you can easily copy photoes from “one world” (Google Picasa) to “the other” (Yahoo Flickr).

How do I copy my photoes from Google Picasa to Flickr?

I asked my self this question, and googling a litle lead me to a soloution: Flickr Uploader application for windows. It is free (ofcause) and works very easy! The reason why you should consider this at all is if you like for instance the way you can tag you photoes in Google Picasa – and when you then share your photoes you will have such info as tags, geo tags, descriptions inside the photoes for other people to enjoy.

Simple description (see screenshoots below)
  • You ofcause need to have a (free) Yahoo identity/account and when you do you can download from http://www.flickr.com/tools/
  • Having downloaded and installed Flickr Uploader you can start up your Google Picasa application
  • Now you can actually just drag’n’drop directly from Google Picasa to Yahoo flickr uploader! Very easy!
  • When you are done – click upload inside Yahoo flickr uploader! The rest is easy!
Nothing is perfect…

I must however admit that not every piece of information survives the transfer between Google Picasa and Yahoo flickr gallery… I was suppriced to discover that apperently the geotags from Google Picasa was not picked up by Flickr…! I would love to hear from you, if you can explain this to me…

Anyway – try it out, and if you feel like looking at my Flickr site you find it here:


My photoes inside Google Picasa

Flickr uploader uploading images to my Flickr account

Flickr offers you to put some information to be shown along the image

One of the uploaded images - but heh! Where is the geotagging? :-(

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