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Some things you simply have to learn by doing them – trial and error, but many things you do not need to have a deep knowledge about. Like when you buy a car – I understand that you put gasoline in one end, and that it at some point inside the engine will be compressed and will turn into a small controlled explosion, which will push a piece of iron leading to somehow make my weels spin and take me to my destination. Complex? Well if I had to understand every part of this “tool” which my car might be called, yes. On the internet you simply cannot understand every process – all you need to do is focus on your ideas being realised. This post will pull out sites on the net which will take away some of the pain you might feel trying to understand processes during your path to your goal of realising your ideas. The really usefull quick guide, and now: No more details, you do not need to get them!

Developing software on the internet

All of the sites mentioned are free of cause!

codepad is an online compiler/interpreter, and a simple collaboration tool.

What this site offers is to execute and share code pasted into a textarea.

You do not need to setup a server running for instance PHP – from anywhere with internet access, you may go ahead and try out your code. Very powerfull!

Some simpel PHP code entered 

I have executed the PHP code, can see the result and if any errors I would get information about them.

I have executed the PHP code, can see the result and if any errors I would get information about them. offers a place for you to share your code, making it a online clipboard. It understands a range of formats and returns nicely formated and color coded versions of what you paste.

Very nice, again easy and nice!

On you choose language and enter/paste your code. Press paste and get a formated version of your code. Ready to share!

As you can see to the left here, you get a formated version back after having submitted your code. You are offered other options:

  • You can click “Raw” and get a txt version.
  • You get an embed code. An example (open in a new window)
  • You can share your code through a unique URL – actually you will share your code. Your code will be “floating” in the sky when you paste it up there.
  • You can search the pasties pasted to
  • You can choose from several formating styles

The returned formated version of your code/document.


That will be all for toway I will return with other cool tools when I see them!


  • – Online document editor, with the option to share instant writing from more than one person in the document at once! Are you ready for that? It however has some very cool features like version slider.. Try it!

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