Finally! Flickr reads geolocation from your images!

I am a big fan of Picasa on my PC, and when I discovered that there exists a tool: “ Uploadr” (Read my post about it: Drag’n’drop upload images to your flickr gallery using flickr uploader) Flickr became a valid place for me to share my images. I normally import my images using and use it for organising my photoes, so it is natural for me to use to geotag my images. In case you dont know that is – it is a geolocation tagging standard, you may see it as a piece of information stored within the image, which tells the viewer where the photo has been taken. It is only natural, as the date and time already is stored inside the photo. So now when you show your photoes to your grandchildren you dont have to worrie about having forgotten where and when the photo was taken, and perhaps a few tags to support your lacking memory Smiley

Now Flickr will read the geotag from the image, stored by for instance Google Picasa!

As you can see below, I am using the webbased Flickr editing tool for my published images – and believe me, that location was stored using Google Picasa! Nice work Yahoo! But where is the automatic tag look-up? Why not go all the way and read the tags which I have added to the photo using Goggle Picasa?


You may see the image above here:


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