Finally! I can take screenshoots from my Android!

I am happy now – at least for the fact that I now can take screenshoots from my Phone. A weak spot in the OS has so far made it nessesary to “root” your phone to gain the rights to take screenshoots of the content of your smartphone. Now I followed this guide: – “Screenshoots på Android enhed uden root”  and voila here are a few screenshoots just to show you that it is actually working.

The homescreen of my HTC Legend

To unlock my Android 2.2 based HTC Legend, you need to draw a pattern.

An example app: 'eTilbudsavisen' - showing here that I can get 3 coca cola for 35 DKK at the distance of 5 km from where I live.Another app: 'speedtest' showing that I have 6.2 Mbit down and 1.7 Mbit upload speed on my wifi

That is nice – I have had the need in some of my blog posts, where I now can better show what I am talking about.

Since the guide at is in danish I will give you a quick guide here:

Prepear your phone by allowing debugging

In settings choose 'Programs' (programmer on the screenshoot)Choose 'Development' (on screenshoot: 'udvikling')Check the USB and 'stay awake'

Get development tool:

You may then have to install Java SDK (the development tool will tell you if you need to install that first, and where to find it).

Install the platform pakages

(image from

When you see something like that above, you can choose which packages to download, I just took them all. It takes a while.

Ready? Plug in your phone to your computer through an USB

Locate the DDMS.bat file and run it

I have installed on “j:” – you probertly will have to locate the DDMS.BAT in your C:\Program Files\Android\android-sdk\tools

Run the bat file and you will get something like this:

The 'Dalvig Debug Monitor' - highlight the phone icon

The ‘Dalvig Debug Monitor’ – highlight the phone icon, and choose “Device > Screen capture…”


You will then get your ready to save or copy to clipboard like this:

The screenshoot have been taken, ready to use


2 thoughts on “Finally! I can take screenshoots from my Android!

  1. Det lyder sørme som om Android er et rigtigt brugervenligt system, hvor det er nemt for alle og en hver at tage noget som simpelt som et screenshot.

    Men who cares, de fleste folk med Androids er hr og fru Danmark, der kun har købt den fordi den er billig og ikke rigtigt bruger den til andet end at ringe med…

  2. Hej Peter,
    Det er som nævnt et svagt punkt ved Android, men som du selv påpejer så er det nok ikke den værste feature for de fleste at undvære. Jeg har brug for den når jeg skal lave blog posts her.

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