Add CSS 3 intellisense to Visual Studio 2010

As is spreading out the editors should also start supporting it with things like validation and intellisence. In it the same thing as it is schema based in its approach. What this means – in short – is that you define rules in a XML based schema, a XSD. XSDs are very flexible but not very userfreindly to compose (unless you use a smart tool like for instance ).

Anyway I googled and found a MSI file which containes a CSS 3 XSD file. The MSI will do most of the job installing the CSS 3 schema, but will ufortuanally install it perfectly. In the Q&A on the site however I found a simpel regedit fix, which helps. I have saved the regex for you so you can simply download it and double click it to make the CSS 3 a choice in Visual Studio when editing CSS.


In use

When you runned the MSI and added the new keys to the reged database you may want to restart any running Visual Studio 2010 instances. After restart you will have a new choice in the dropdown box “Cascading Style Sheet Version for validation”:

Select CSS 3 validation and intellisence in Visual Studio 2010

The defined parts of CSS 3 is not complete in this CSS 3 Schema. For instance defining colors in hsla color space is considered invalid which is not true for CSS 3.I hope that updates for the Schema made by Mojtaba kaviani will be more complete soon. But great job Mojtaba!


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  1. I downloaded the CSS 3.0 intellisense schema to visual studio 2010 and CSS 3.0 is displayed in “cascading style sheet version for validation” dropdown, but somehow i cannnot select CSS3.0 from the dropdown..
    what’s the reason for this?…

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