Want to print from your iPad to your windows printer? Here is a quick guide.

I have just bought my first Apple product – an 2, rather nice device I must say Smiley A friend of mine is all Apple, so it’s Apple here, Apple there and Apple everywhere! It is impressive to see how well integrated it all is – but how about integration to my PC? Here I will give you a guide to how you can on a PC connected printer using from your iPad (or I guess) using wireless network and .

What you need…

Well basically you can just follow the guide here on this page: “How to Enable AirPrint Service on Windows 7/Vista/XP (32-bit/64-bit)?”. It involves these steps:

  1. Windows 7 (or perhaps Vista, excuse me for only having Win7 installed)
  2. Share the printer which you want to print to from your iPad/iPhone.
    A Danish version of the control panel
    Open the control panel and locate your printer under “units and printers”
    Choose properties for the printer and click the “sharing”
    Check “Share this printer”
  3. Install iTunes
  4. Download AirPrint installer
  5. Run it as administrator (Right click the downloaded package and choose “Run as administrator”)
    Just follow the instructions of the installer
  6. We need to allow AirPrint features in the windows firewall.
    Locate and click the “Allow a program through Windows Firewall” in control panel security section.
    Click the “Change settings” button if you cannot change the settings by now.

You are now ready to print from your iPad/iPhone to your pc connected printer.

From your iPad you may open your photo album and tab in the top right side:


Here you can choose print and the select printer. If your printer does not appear you may need to return to the control panel and remove/add the sharing option.

If you do not see the printer you may even have to add some windows features. Open the control panel and select “Turn on/off windows features” in the left side of the add/remove program section. Then locate the LPD and LPR printer options under the “printing and document services”


When you have finished these steps you can print over network from your iPad/iPhone – even if you do not own a Apple computer Smiley