How to disable Skype callto in Chrome

offers a service where it will replace links looking like phonenumbers in any webpage you visit with a “callto” link. That link will then let you click on the phone number and do a call to the linked phonenumber. It can be a very nice feature, but sometimes you don’t want that service. Here is how you disable that feature:

This is how it looks like when Skype have inserted a “callto” link in :

Skype tries to add value to webpages by adding links to open Skype on phonnumber-alike text on webpages

  • Open “chrome://extensions/
  • Locate the “Skype Extention”
    On the Chrome "extentions" page you can quickly enable/disable extentions - including the Skype callto extention
  • Click the “Deactivate” (above screenshoot is in Danish, it reads “Deaktiver”

The disabling will be disabled as you click (no restart of browser). Here is how the above webpart looks like:

The original webpage with a phone number, unchanged by Skype

Disabling Skype callto in other browsers

2 thoughts on “How to disable Skype callto in Chrome

  1. Thanks, i was going crazy trying to turn that skype feature off. Skype was really slowing down my browser.

  2. Huge thanks – really annoyed that Skype updated itself and silently installed this arse, wasting my time.

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