Blog post from my iPad

For a long time I have enjoyed the easy way to tweet or share on twitter or facebook. One click sharing gives me a lot of joy, but what about quick blogging?

I own an and believe that this costy gadget should be used as much as possibel. I take it with me everywhere to get the most out of my investment, and to use the many cool features it gives me!

Quick blogging through the wordpress app…
So here goes: this is my first made fast and easy from my iPad… Though I miss options to add media directly, as I can with Windows live writer on my pc.

How do You make quick blog posts? Please write it in the comments, thanks!

Update: Perhaps BlogPress app (for $2.99) will be an option, it allows images in blog posts ( – but it is (at the time of writing) waiting to be validated in iTunes store, as it crashes in iOS 5.


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