10 seconds guide to Dynamicweb Newsletter v/3 templates (sending out news)

This is a short note on constructing news templates for Dynamicweb CMS v/3 templates when sending out pieces of news.


It can be tricky to create newsletters in HTML, doing it from Dynamicweb CMS using the Newsletter v/3 does, I am sorry to say, not make things easier. Using the snippet below you get the skeleton of the central news item loop:


<p>Dear <!--@DWUserName--></p>
<a href="<!--@LoopStart(IsSetupDetailLink)--><!--@ModuleDetailLink--><!--@LoopEnd(IsSetupDetailLink)-->"><!--@NewsHeading--></a>
<br />
<!--@If Defined(NewsManchet)-->
<!--@If Not Defined(NewsManchet)-->
<br />
<a href="<!--@LoopStart(IsSetupDetailLink)--><!--@ModuleDetailLink--><!--@LoopEnd(IsSetupDetailLink)-->">Read more</a>

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