Speeding up you CSS in Visual Studio using Web Essentials plug-in

Mads Kristensen (@mkristensen) is the name of the person bringing speed and hope for the part of Microsoft Visual Studio. He is adding new life the the rather dead part of Visual Studio. He is doing so through his free for Visual Studio: Web Essentials.

The features

In general Web Essentials makes working with CSS in Visual Studio more nice, adding features like colour and font preview, change of values using Ctrl+Arrows (up=add, down=subtract as you know it from for instance Firebug and Google Chrome), option to base64 encode images and speed typing. I can only recommend this plug-in, and also the fact that Mads listens to you request given to him for instance through twitter makes me a happy user! Well done Mads, and keep up the good job! Smiley

Amoung other features: Embed image as base64 encoded image


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