Google Picasa Template: Camera, a responsive jQuery slideshow

If you like me use Google Picasa to organize your photoes, this HTML template for Google Picasa should make you clap your hands. I have created a new free Google Picasa Template based on the brilliant slideshow called “Camera” from Manuel Masia from Pixedelic. At the bottom there is a link to the jQuery based free slideshow, if you want to read more about it.

About Google Picasa Templates

Google Picasa have support for exporting selected images or image folders to HTML (well actually you can export it into what you like, XML, CSV or….). It is a simple offline template system where you are given some simple tools like template tags, includes and loops. Read more here: Picasa Web Templating System (a copy of the domentation included in the Google Picasa application). Previously I have shared a flash based slideshow Google Picasa template, which you might also want to install: Netsi Cycle Template for Google Picasa

Example implementation

The above iframe shows example output from the . It should be viewed in its own window as only there you will se the very powerfull “responsive webdesign” which is one of the very cool features of HTML slideshows generated using Camera Picasa Template.


First step: You can download the raw version

Dowload and install the Camera Picasa Template

or on github:

Next step…

This is the first release of my latest Google Picasa template – Camera Picasa Template, downloading the zip file and following the instructions found in the read-me.txt file inside the zip file will make it possibel to get the same cool slideshow of your favourite pictures. I will return at a later stage with more information and perhaps a webapp which will let you configure all the many settings that the Camera slideshow offers. If you cant wait, take a look at the “settings.js” file, simple comments found in the javascript settings file will help you.



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