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The famous Danish author Hans Christian Andersen said: "To travel is to live" in these times we travel whenever we browse the Internet. You will be inspired as web developer and as a person. This site is distinguished by having categorized inspirational websites.One can on the website "http://dribbble.com/" (subtitle: “What are you working on?”) take different angles on a series ofinspirational websites. What angle do you have? Looking for sites in a particular color? Is there a keyword (tag) that you want to see inspirational sites? Or will you just let you takearound through random taste guided clicks?


The front page – landing page at dribbble.com

The front page – landing page at dribbble.com

Landing on dribbble.com you view the most popular websites – I am not sure if it makes sence as a prime filter, cause what kind of search angle is that? Ofcause you get a view of (in theory) great websites, even if you probertly will have other preferences like “Give me somthing blue”, not “just” “give me something popular”.

The colored angle  – sort by color

The colored angle  – sort by color

Each company has its own color (s) – what is more natural than to take based on the same color? If you’re an open person and want to travel with colored glasses, socan it dribbble.com.

Buckets – you may call it “categorized”

Buckets - you may call it “categorized”

Websites sharing the same categorize, for instance “UI” have been collected in “Buckets”. Even within buckets you can see the tags found in the bucket.

Other filtering options

Other that the filtering options described above some other ways of filtering the content also exists:

From Frontenders DK – other inspirotainal sites for you to explore

This blog post has its root in a facebook group “Frontenders DK” which roots in Denmark. I am active in this group and participate in the activies happening in the Aarhus branch of Frontenders DK. It is a group of active frontend developers sharing knowledge and meeting up from time to time.


This blog post was created using a post by “Kristoffer Kjelde” send as part of a thread in the group created by Brian Christensen.


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