Whats new in Visual Studio Express 2012 for web

It has been two years sinc the last version (Visual Studio Express 2010) have been relased from Microsoft. Now it is here, this free version from Microsoft, and landing a new tool for web development in 2012 automatically calls for the release of a strong tool. The web is in a fast lane where many new features are landing every day. and offers a lot of new features and things like LESS an SASS is getting widely spread – so expetations for support of something like this are high.

I will try to post a set of small articles about this, and this is the first “tweet-alike-post”, that is a post of one or more things I notice as I play discover them playing around with this new application from Microsoft.

CSS: Color picker in VS (Visual studio)

Color picker offers a great interface for choosing colors even support for color modes which has an Alpha channel

  • Code complete: As you type your color mode selector (say: ) you can use standard VS code complete Ctrl+Space and the color chooser seen in image above opens.
  • Color picker – color swatches: Opening the color picker you will firstly get a list of color swatches which seens to start up with some default colors (actually VS has scanned your CSS and added the found colours as “swatches”), but as you use colors it automatically creates color swatches of the previously used colors.
  • Color picker – color pipette: You can click the pipette in the bottom right of the “advanced” settings of the color picker. Then you can move the pipette cursor to the point anywhere on your screen which has the color you wish to use. Click the color and voila you have the color in the color picker.
  • Color picker – : CSS3 offers a range of color modes which allows for opacity settings which can make the color partly . RGBA is supported in all major modern browsers.
  • Color picker – current and old comparation: When you change a color (opening the color picker again for a defined color) you can see the old color side by side with the current color.

The new color picker of VS will get 4 out of 5 points from me. It is working very well but nothing is perfect. Should it not offer an easy way to switch between color modes? It could also offer a way to convert a transparent color to a none transparent, but actually you can do this if you re-edit your rgba color choose the color pipette and hover it over the current color. Then you can choose the color there, and voila you have an RGB version of a RGBA color, nice.

I am satisfied with the color picker of Visual Studio Express 2012 web version.

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