Publish to your wordpress blog directly from Google Docs

This blog post is a converted Docs document, automatically posted to this blog using plugin. Read on… (The images from the original Google Doc is not here as the plugin at the current version does not support importing images).

Sometimes as I work implementing websites my customers ask for a Blog. They may already have a CMS system which may or may not be perfect for the Blog part. I really like WordPress and find it so cool and strong that I would in a perfect world recommend using WordPress for blogging.

Update: “Google Docs no longer supports xmlrpc” which means that you cannot save from Google Docs to wordpress I then went for another solution – read below.

The WordPress dashboard is not easy to use

The wordpress dashboard is very strong and features full, which to new users can seem overwhelming, but why should the user at all use the dashboard? You can post to wordpress directly from Microsoft Word, Microsoft windows live writer (free) and many other applications. That way the editor will never have to log in to wordpress, but can create and edit blog post directly from their desktop computer (or tablet).

Using Google Docs to create and post blogs?

I just discovered Google Drive a sort of hard drive in the cloud which as Dropbox integrates to your desktop or tablet and allows you to store files in the cloud. So I googled and discovered a great post by Bill Bennet: “Publish Google Docs to WordPress”, and this blog post is actually created by:

  1. Create a Google Doc
  2. Publish to wordpress using Share on Google Drive

What does this prove?

This blog post proves that

  1. You can write blog posts using a free online word processor tool offered by Google Docs
  2. You can use the greatest (IMHO) blog software – WordPress – without having to learn to use the “backend” of it


Just to test I have added a icon provided by

Update – alternative ways to get Google Docs to WordPress

1. attempt: Using Google Chrome Extentions – no no :-(

One way you may create contents on your wordpress blog could be found in the Google Chrome Extentions. Searching for wordpress on the Google webshop gave many results:

Trying out another way – “Docs to wordpress” plugin for wordpress

I then googled to a page “Marrying Google Docs and WordPress (or really any CMS)” By William P. Davis which is what I will try now. I have installed the plugin on my blog. I find it not easy, I think that you keed to know what you are doing on a super user level. But it is possibel. You should also read this post:


I will try to follow the guides above – Did succeed? Yes!

After doing some changes to my wordpress config I succeeded! Here is a screenshot from my blog:

Now I just need to put my Google Doc in a folder “FOR WORDPRESS” and when it has been fetched by the wordpress plugin the document is moved to “PUBLISHED TO WORDPRESS”. I will actually test the plugin further as I will now save this updated version of the Google Doc document back to the “FOR WORDPRESS” folder and will then see if the document will be updated on my blog (instead of creating a new blog post).

The updade also worked – now all I am waiting for is the option also to import the images in the document.

Find this document shared online here:



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