Notes from: Dynamicweb Webinar – Items based structure – sneak preview

My raw from the webinar on 8th November about soon to be released in Dynamicweb 8.2 – please understand that the notes are raw :-)


Create using backend
Automatic create table dbo.itemtype_event

1. Create using DB, usefull for importing data
Name the table like: “ItemType_” + itemname, two required column id and pageid
=>; automatically avail. In Dynamicweb

2. Create using .net code
(Can it be done using xslt inline code?)
Must be a public class
Reference to dw.content.items
Inherit from Item
(Delete when contents exists?)
Set field type using .net attr., also specify group, custem names and such

Find item types here: Management >; system >; item types

3. Create using schema – xml
All items are stored in files system items – ready to copy to other solutions

4. Creating content based on Item types
They will apear below a page, so you need a “normal” Dynamicweb page before you can add content to a website.

Questions from partners:

  1. New paragraph module ItemPublisher can output items
    From page or area
    List and details view
    Edit items in frontend
  2. Can you control which items can apper under an item?
    Yes. In backend you can choose restrictions using chechbox, which types can be inserted. Also support for custom rules in .net
  3. Is richtexteditor around?
    Yes.tool can be customized using config file.
  4. Is there a reason for page and not paragraph levl?
  5. Show details on same page?
    Yes. Yes add itemid= to querystring
  6. Support for master, items with items?
    Hope to support in future
  7. Module included in standard license?
    Cannot answer (only a developer) yes standard feature!
  8. Can we add more field types?
    We have many… Including editable list, can be extended. You CAN. Create your own.
    F.i. A type autocomplete.
  9. Can you make custem tags?
    Yes. You can write template extender
  10. Can you extend with custom filters to list?
    Not now, but in future.
  11. Can we control which itemtypes can be inserted?
    No, not under a normal page.
  12. Does it scale well?
    Yes, ofcause it does. (With some notes….) it should do.
  13. Inheritence? Between item types
    They discuss some ways…
  14. Could you create item types using inline C# code in XSLT?
    Pavel could not answer :-)

Item types can (in future) have default layout type
Filetype filemanager will be a type on release.
You cannot mix paragraph and items on a page (guess you have to use item publisher module)

Will be in the 27th of november release


5 thoughts on “Notes from: Dynamicweb Webinar – Items based structure – sneak preview

  1. Regarding inline C# in XSLT: The idea sounds a bit extreme so I guess the answer is “No” :) But if it’s a Razor template – probably it will be possible (we will know for sure when we will get to it).


  2. Regarding question 14. about inline C#. I’m not sure if it was my question about Razor, that got misunderstood?

    My question was; when will we be able to use Razor templates and Razor / C# _instead_ of XSLT. I know the question is not really related to the item based structure, but coming from Umbraco to DW, you really miss Razor :(

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