makes Google an even better friend to us

“Google is your friend” – yes indeed, imagine a web without their search engine, their map, their analytics, their e-mail and more… Google is in my humble opinion a key player, taking us – the users of the web – to new hight once every 1-2 year.

I would like to point to an area where they again have build something very smart and nice. They have produced a setup where developers like me can create new features for Google users which allows for fast implementing of new functions. It is a script based system which as such is nothing unique, but the way that Google have chosen to implement it is great.

Developers can reuse the tools which they use every day: HTML, javascript and CSS – the fundament of the web. Let me give you a simple example:

Google mail tag cloud script

The script will generate a “tag cloud” from the words used in the e-mails found in your Gmail. It will require you to authenticate the script and then using javascript, html and CSS show you the most commonly used words in your Gmail mailbox. You can click the words and go all the way to the individual e-mail.

That is just a demo, so when this setup: will gain more users I expect more services to appear – I love it, and Google: We are indeed friends! :-)


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