XSLT transformation on Mac OSX

The startup screen of Transform

As I am now on Mac I am on a constant search for the tools I miss from my time on Windows. I do some offline transformation as I implement websites in for instance Dynamicweb CMS.

I often get the XML from the CMS, download it and build the XSLT to transform the raw XML into HTML. Back in the old days where I used Visual Studio every day on Windows I could do XML transformation in there, I could also single step and more nice stuff.

On Mac I use Sublime Text which I have found such an option for – so I tried to search the Apple App store for a tool to help me. I discovered “Transform” by Niel Ang which has it advantages. I will update this blog post with more notes about the product as I discover them. For now I have discovered this:

* Works dynamically and reacts to file changes
* Works with files, so it can be used with any editor
* Has a preview option (of transform result), I have not yet found out how to do this, which is due to my rather thin knowledge about running a web server on my mac.
* As with other purchased apps you may use it on more than one device

You can find information about the product here: http://neilang.com/transformapp/ where there is also a link to appstore. I find the price 32 DKK / 5 $ an okay price.


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