The perfect tool for reference search and snippets?

Development involves using a lot of tools, apis, methods and documentation for such items is often found using your friend Google Search. Today I have seen a very cool tool for Mac OSX. Its called Dash, and its a free app found in the App store.

The cute logo of the Dash app

The cute logo of the Dash app

You can install the Dash app from the App store.
It is free but has a “Full version” which cost around
$ 5,- which I think is a very fair price!
You may also download it from the developer website.

What is it that Dash offers?

I must admit that my experience with Dash is sparse, and this blog post is only an introduction to the app. It does search in a lot of the wide spread apis from anywhere in your Mac OSX. It has – to mention a few – HTML 5, css,  javascript, , UI, , XSLT, Perl, Ruby, NodeJS…

In the image below I have opened a document in my preferred editor “Sublime Text 2“. I want more information about the tag “section”, and as I have set up the short-cut “Shift+Cmd+$” in the OSX global short cut settings I simply mark the tag and press that key combination. Voila! Dash opens and have found some nice HTML5 documentation for the section tag, cool!

Dash offers integration to any Mac OSX app

Dash offers integration to any Mac OSX app

Snippets – cross app too!

It also offers snippets, which I have tried only a little. It seems very cool as it works anywhere allowing you to add “abbreviations”  for each snippet. So say you have a HTML5 boilerplate which you use a lot, simply paste the boilerplate into Dash, add some variables or an date place field (which will automatically insert current date when executed) and define say “html5bp. Every time you type that abbreviation it will be replaced with the snippet!

If you have any comments or experiences related to Dash please share through a comment here on this blog post.

My small notes – updates

  • I would love to get “fuzzy search” like in Sublime Text 2
  • Seems that you cannot easily share found directly to say twitter, pity

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