Removing my tag cloud

Hi Reader,
I was actually fond of my , but after reading two blog posts suggested by a friend of mine (Thanks Jørgen!) I will remove the on my page. If you miss it, please comment and ask for it, and I will consider to reinsert it again.

Actually this is one of the few times where I think that our friend, , is a little (ups I said it!). It is because of the Search spider that I remove the tag cloud. Reading the two blog posts I understand that the Search engine has a problem understanding the concept of tag cloud. So bye bye tag cloud…

Update: Actually I have found a compromise, my categories are now used in a tag cloud kind of way. So the “tag cloud” in the right sidebar is actually a list of categories shown in the same style as a tag cloud. It is a “category cloud” :-)


The two blog posts:


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