Initial impressions from the eBook “Instant AngularJS Starter”

Instant AngularJS Starter [Instant]
Instant AngularJS Starter [Instant] by Dan Menard

The book by Dan Menard is a introduction to programmers who are looking
at or using Google AngularJS. If you are building webapps you
may consider using the MVC based AngularJS framework from Google. It enjoys a wide support on the web with great online resources, blog posts, tutorials, videos and as it is popular with many hits on Google.

This eBook costing only 4.24 pounds (a special offer ending on the 30th of March 2013, normally 4.99 pounds) is a fine example of the support that AngularJS is seeing on the web.

The book

It starts up explaining about MVC starting with the often used “helloWorld”
AngularJS app. I would love to see some more illustrations showing the
basic AngularJS setup here – but as the target is programmer, the missing illustrations is not a big issue.

A more complex app is designed and a step-by-step approach takes
the reader gently from helloWorld to a Guidebook webapp. The author
moves relative faste into some of the advanced parts of AnguarJS,
like the routing part of AngularJS.

Routing in AngularJS

The routing part of AnguarJS is the part handling the loading of controlers and templates based on the URL. A very useful part to understand – which I myself had some trouble understanding before I read this eBook about AngujarJS.

Example: The routing part is important for webapps as often the state of the
webapp is reflected in the URL – the author notes about routes:

Routes contain more features than we’ve covered here. For example, the samples above are perfectly valid when accessed directly (this behavior is called deep linking). Routes also support back/forward navigation, meaning if the user hits a browser’s back or forward button, AngularJS will return to the most recent internal URL instead of exiting the application altogether.

The code examples which you get with the book together with the eBook gives you a chance to dive into AngularJS.

It gave me some fundament into AngularJS and I look forward to reading all the book! With this book you get a chance to dive into AnguarJS through a not-too-complex example – a great start when learning AngularJS.


If you are seeking to get a better understanding of AngularJS and you prefer (e)books, this eBook Instant AngularJS Starter [Instant] by Dan Menard
can be recomended. I apreciate people who share their knowledge on the web, be it through a blog, twitter, facebook or as Dan through a eBook, so go ahead and buy this eBook to get some of the AngularJS knowledge of Dan.


  • Code examples can be downloaded
  • Dan heads directly into practical example
  • Price is fair


  • Missing illustrations
  • I would like to get links to editors which are perfect for developing AngualarJS, like Sublime Text

Suggestions for improvements to the book:

Store the code examples somewhere on the net, like in so that the readers can see the code live online.



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