Transmit application from Panic software fails

I switched from windows to OSX as I was very happy with my iPad and saw many serious web developers using OSX. Also on the blog front many of the screen shoots showed people using OSX. Most tools for us web nerds appeared first on OSX, and a good friend changed also to the Mac world with success. It seemed like a logical change for me, being a frontend developer.

Mounting FTP servers as a drive

Sometimes I work on FTP based contents, like in a website. On windows you can easily mount a FTP connecting as a “drive”. That works very fine in a easy and fast way, on PC… On Mac I was surprised to discover that OSX not allows for a simular useful method. You can mount a drive on OS level, but it will be READ ONLY (!) making it far from useful.

What should I do? I “panicked” – that is people I trust said that I should simply use Transmit from Panic software – an application costing $34,00. I was happy to discover that a solution existed, and the prices was okay as it solved a basic need in my daily work…

In fact a lot of issues seemed to exist with Panic Transmit…

I now have version 4.4 of Panic Transmit and experience some basic fails from Transmit. I mount a FTP server as a drive and get errors like:

The file content is suffixed with several “nul” values:

Most files sometimes is suffixed with "Nul" values

Most files sometimes is suffixed with "Nul" values

Files are not always fetched 100%

Sometimes files are not fetched 100%, which has forced me to scroll down to the button of the file to try to see if all the file is there (so that I will not destroy the file when saving to FTP server).

Never let Panic Transmit stay connected during Mac Sleep

Never let your mac go to sleep while letting Transmit stay open – you never know which state your mounted drive is in when you wake your mac..

Sublime Text 2 gets slow when working on mounted drives

Slowing down my editor. My Sublime Text 2 is working very slow if I work on folders placed on a mounted drive.

Conclusion: Transmit makes me panic

All in all it is one of the few very bad experiences I have had after changing from windows to OSX. It is a major issue as I work on sites through FTP. I was happy when I heard about Panic Transmit being able to mount a FTP drive (as Mac OS fails to do so….). I was surprised to discover that OSX could not mount a FTP drive with Read/Write possibilities.

Anyone with suggestions for solutions? Like another application which not fails to deliver stable mounting of FTP drives.


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