Gyazo: A screen-shoot util for OSX, Windows and Linux

Gyazo in Mac Appstore Every operating system have build in screen-shoot features, for instance

  1. On Microsoft Windows you can press AltGr+PrtScreen
  2. On OSX press cmd+shift+1 or ctrl+cmd+shift+1 to get screen-shoot on clipboard

If you like me need to share your screen-shoots, like:

  1. Take screen-shoot
  2. Put it on a shareable URL

Then the free open source Gyazo app for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux may be a good choice.

How does Gyazo work?

It simply allows you to drag out an portion of your screen and when you release it immediately upload to your personal screen-shoot online library. A browser window is opened and the URL to the screen-shoot is put on the clipboard.

Other alternatives exist

OSX based workflow with build in app: “Preview”

I have become used on OSX to use a workflow like this:

  1. Take screen-shoot for clipboard (say ctrl+cmd+shift+4 to be able to save portion of screen)
  2. Open “Preview” (the build in document viewer of OSX, simply fire up “Spotlight” cmd+SPACE and type “Preview”+Enter)
  3. Open a new image using cmd+N and the screen-shoot from the clipboard will be shown

Now you can do editing of the screen-shoot like add speechbubles, resize and even apply filters. Save it when you are done, like on Dropbox in a public folder, then you can share it from there.

Using Jing – another free screen-shoot util

In this post I will not go into depth with Jing. It is a great tool which for now I use for easy screen-shoot sharing. Go ahead and read more here: Download Jing for Free.


The app is free, but also exists as a premium version where you “Become a Gyazo Ninja”. Read more.

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