Apple a first view

Update 14.08 25/01/2014 apps have been updates with various new features – as stated here (in Danish) when you open the website and choose an app:

You can read more about which features are introduced on Mac Rumors.

Apple has released in beta three new services in its web based icloud service toolbox. The services include:

myWPEditImage Image

  • Pages – a wordprocessor
  • Numbers – a spreadsheet
  • Keynote – an app to generate slideshows

Browser based web apps

In my line of work as a frontend developer I have seen the trend to product powerful web based apps – web apps. I love them as the use the browser to its full building on wide spread technologies. They are cross platform and runs in (mostly) modern browsers.

So Apple have entered the web app scene, how are they doing?

Judging from what I have seen in the three new based apps they are doing very well indeed!

I have tested the apps in Google Chrome and it works so smooth that you forget that you are using an app which is not running native on your OSX. Being a beta version, they impress me and I look forward to seing the final versions.

Nothing is perfect

There were a few notes:

  • Not many features
  • Generated PDF did not look 100% like the one I edited
  • Why not let content be exported to HTML (!) ?

Here are some screenshoots


myWPEditImage Image

You can see the powerpoint version here.


myWPEditImage Image


myWPEditImage pages start screen

myWPEditImage ImagemyWPEditImage ImagemyWPEditImage Image

You can see the generated PDF here.


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