I am trying out myWPEdit app for blogging

I have had my blog for many years and during that time I have not found the perfect tool for blogging, until now. I have been on windows where I actually was very happy with the free Microsoft Windows Live Writer. However now I am on Mac and , where I found myWPEdit in the App Store!

myWPEdit Image

Along came myWPEdit by MOApp’s

Well that is what I hope to be able to say in a statement in say a year or so. At the moment I have only posted around 5 posts using myWPEdit app. Until now I am happy with:

  • The option to use freely a mixture of markdown, clear text and HTML when writing posts

  • Handling of auto upload and link images directly from my Mac

  • The UI is simple, have a great number of keyboard short cuts

  • Great integration with backend directly from the app

  • Great handling of archived posts

  • The price: 65 DKK ~ 9 Euro ~ 10 $

Free your coding!

In myWPEdit you can mix MarkDown, HTML and WYSIWYG freely

Especially the option to mix HTML, MarkDown and WYSIWYG when writing blog posts is a great feature which I love! And the fact that you do not need to upload manually to WordPress and then get a link makes life much easier!

So if you need a great blog app for OSX you should try myWPEdit!

You can download myWPEdit here in appStore

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