Remove 404 pages from Google Chrome history

The history function in browser is a great thing, but sometimes the history contains URLs which have a 404 Not Found. If you would like to clean them, remove them here is how.

Cleaning up the Google Chrome history

  • Open the chrome history by typing chrome://history in the URL

  • Enter the bad url in the search field at the top of the page

  • Open the Developer toolbar (Windows: F12, OSX: ⌘+⇧+J)

  • Choose the Consoletab

  • Be sure that the context is set to “history-frame/” ( it is just above the console, below the tabs)

Now you can run a script which will select all the found pages:

  []'.entry-box-container input'), function(checkbox) {

    checkbox.checked = true;


You may need to uncheck and check one of the checkboxes before Chrome will let you remove the elements.

As all the pages is selected, you may want to validate that you actually want to remove them from the history.

Then click the button to remove the selected elements! – Done! :-)


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