A simpler, cleaner, responsive and fresh new layout

Facelift to my blog

I finally found the time to update this based to latest version and also to change theme.

It has been a long due task which I here in the time of easter used some hours on doing.

and more simple

It has been like two worlds: My daily work and my wordpress blog.

In my daily work as a front-end developer I do CSS, HTML and Javascript among other, changing a lot of the code under the surface.

Here on my blog I simply is a user thing nothing about how the stuff I write get online.

It has always been in my mind: I should start to do more about the backend of my blog, first of all: Use a theme which was based on the same frameworks as I use in my professionel work.

New Theme: Unite

The way Unite presents it self in the WordPress Dashboard Theme selector

I have found a great theme: Unite which is based upon Twitter Bootstrap 3.


It is also a simple layout – I like that.

No more full posts in a long line!

I have also changed so that on the front page you will only see first part of posts, and then you need to click in to read it.

Easy to spot my comments

I have changed bits of CSS so that my comments are easier to spot.


As it is Twitter Bootstrap is should have basic responsive features.

Removed some social media noise

I had a Google+ and rate items in each post, gone now!

What do you think?

Do you agree? What do you think? Please do comment if you like.


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