Reading “AngularJS Services”

The e-book: AngularJS Services

I must say that have become a part of my front-end developer toolkit, as is for instance jQuery

The way it lets you make MVC sort of code offering you a fast development part to for instance instant search and two way data binding is so nice.

I have however taken AngularJS to a level where I needed more solid fundament. Building a solution which should filter over 1000 products on several filters gave me some serious issues.

I guess that if I had read the book “AngularJS Services” back then, I may have chosen another more solid path…

The e-book: AngularJS Services

Many people share their experience with AngularJS through blogs, github and other places. Jim Lavin did a great job sharing his perspectives on Angularjs through this e-book. He for instance tries to make you understand why using services is a good idea. The book comes with an option to download the code which is nice, as working with actual code for me is the best way to understand an issue.

Good advices, good practice

Jim also shares some good practice. One of them is the use of more directives in ng-repeats. I for one will try to remember that.

Another example is some “basic” rules: “Keep method naming consistent”. We all know it, but reading this e-book reminds you things like that are important to build solid code.

And how about documentation? Do you remember doing it? Jim shares a number of advices on that too, for instance “JSDoc”, “YUIDoc” and “Ext Doc” – I will have to spend some time on googling them too…

The level in this book..

After having browsed through this e-book, I conclude that it is not a book for novice AngularJS developers. That said, it may open your eyes for some aspects no matter which level you are at.

The book as a serious source for AngularJS users passes I would say. I will spend more time reading this book and expect to become a better AngularJS developer, doing that.

Thank you Jim for spending time writing this e-book and for sharing it. I am looking forward to reading the whole book.

Dont forget..

I like the modern form in which Packt Publishing lets you use books sold by them. It may be something you think about every day, but on the site you can read the book online, download it as PDF, ePub, Mobi or open it on Kindle. You also have a place where you can download the code files – all very handy. I did however miss simple cursor based page turning on the online version of the book.


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