Intellisense in Dynamicweb Razor templates

Implementing using you will need to understand and C#.
The Dynamicweb Razor implementation offered some basic tags to get contents from the system.
To make it easier when you implement in say Microsoft Visual Studio or Xamarin Studio you should add these two lines in the top of your template:

@inherits RazorTemplateBase<RazorTemplateModel>
@using Dynamicweb.Rendering

They will tell your editor to be aware of these two classes, pulls them in and gives you intellisense for the basic “Razor tags” to pull content from backend.

In Xamarin studio It could look like this:


So as I type Get and hit “Ctrl”+“Space” I get a pop-up window with a list of methods offered by the Dynamicweb RazorTemplateBase.

You may want to read my question from 23rd October 2013 (!) on forum about this: Make Visual Studio recognize DW methodes.


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