Microsoft Edge – which Edge is that?

Microsoft has resently given birth to a brand new browser, it is called “”. Having worked and struggled trying to please the previous Microsoft browser, Internet Explorer, I am excited by the news that Microsoft has ditched the “good old IE”.

The new Edge browser of cause is seeing a lot of expectations – lots of hopes that this time we will get a browser which will be a browser “on the edge”. I did a simple , visiting the HTML 5 website: I used, an online service which lets you run various browsers on a number of devices and operating systems. I tested 5 combinations of browsers and OS systems. WIN10 and OS X El Capitan – the result is here:

The result of

The “winner” is Google Chrome 44 (latest) on OS X El Capitan. It scores an impressing 521 points out of 555 possible points.

Not on the Edge…

For now, Microsoft Edge is apparently not on the edge. It lands just a bit better that Microsoft Internet Explorer 11. That is just facts, so how should that be seen?

The intentions are there I am sure. Microsoft has awoken since they got a new leader. He has shown that he wants Microsoft back on top, and not stay behind companies like Apple and Google.

Many interesting new features have also landed in Microsft Edge, which is always good. We need other than Google and Apple to push new interesting features to the tool which most people in this world use every day.

Sad to say it, but the dead of MSIE is a good thing, so Microsoft Edge gives hope, amoung other because it will auto update (as I understand it), which the other main browsers have done for a while now. That ensures that (hot-)fixes are dealt with.

What do you think?

I have in fact already discovered a bug in Microsoft Edge, which I shared here: Testing IE Edge bugs. Have you any bugs, any thoughts you want to share? So please do here in a comment.


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