Its autumn – time to indoor activities like organizing your photos

The face detection in Apple Photos in OS X

The face detection in in

During the year I take a lot of photos – using my iPhone and iPad, both iOS devices. They all form a stream of photos, my photo stream, Apple call it in iOS. That is a stream of photos, which iOS in some extend can help you organize automatically. However you can also put some work into things like adding meta data and help identify faces in the photos.


Face detection – a bit scary and cool

First time I saw face detection was in Google Picasa. It was a bit scary, being how a piece of software was able to identify people inside photos. It also seemed that it got smarter, as it saw more and more pictures of each individual.

It was however also funny and cool to see when Picasa thought that a person was another person. Could Picasa see things which our “build in brain face detection” did not identify? Actually in one photo it saw my father as my daughter – did it really see the inherited lines in my daughter coming from my father?

The Photos app in OS X is really nice too. The image above shows the way in which Photos lets you acknowledge faces detected by the software. It is smooth in the UI (feels great to use), and spending some time accepting and “helping” doing the face detection will properly bring a smile to your face, reminding you of some events and situations as you see the photos.

The full picture, panoramas

I hope that you have tried to create some panorama photos. The panorama function build into Apple iOS is the best I have ever tried in any device, OS and software! What this means is that when it is easy to use, perfect in performance and quality, is that it makes sense to use it.

Since I did my first panorama pictures years ago, I have tried to stitch images to create a manually created panorama. It does not work, as it is not enough just to put pictures side-by-side. Some image correction needs to be applied, and that task is done on the fly in the panorama feature given to your iOS device for free and placed ready to use for you.

The Panorama section of Apple Photo

The Panorama section of Apple Photo


In the Photos app, which is free in OS X, the panorama section will not only detect panoramas takes with the panorama feature build into Apple Photo, it will also find any manually created panorama. Actually none the pictures you can see in the above image has been created using the Photo app of iOS, but Photos app in OS X recognize them as being panorama photos!

My latest panorama photo taken using iPhone 6

My latest panorama photo taken using iPhone 6


Other options to organize photos

There exists other methods to organize your photos. You can enrich your photos with meta data and you can tag images. It may seem like a hard task as you do it, but trust me it is time well invested. I have more than 40.000 photos (!) The meta data like location, tags, description, detected faces are very handy when trying to locate a picture. So sit down, brew yourself a cup of coffee, put on some relaxing music and enjoy organizing your photos.

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