Microsoft Edge – which Edge is that?

Microsoft has resently given birth to a brand new browser, it is called “Microsoft Edge”. Having worked and struggled trying to please the previous Microsoft browser, Internet Explorer, I am excited by the news that Microsoft has ditched the “good old IE”. The new Edge browser of cause is seeing a lot of expectations – Continue reading

A usefull global Translate function for Razor templates in Umbraco

When implementing multi language templates CMS system Umbraco, you often need to use the dictionary build into Umbraco to get translated words or phrases. In the Umbraco.Web.UmbracoHelper class a method exists which does the job from Razor: GetDictionaryValue(key). It is useful and easy to use, but if the key is not defined an empty string Continue reading

Building a Send Basket feature in Dynamicweb CMS

This post breaks down a functionality which can send the content of a shopping cart, a basket as an e-mail. The functionality was build using Razor (C#), AJAX and JSON on top of a Dynamicweb content management system. The idea The customer has an eCommerce website where people add items to a basket. Sometimes the Continue reading

Intellisense in Dynamicweb Razor templates

Implementing using Dynamicweb CMS you will need to understand Razor and C#. The Dynamicweb Razor implementation offered some basic tags to get contents from the system. To make it easier when you implement templates in say Microsoft Visual Studio or Xamarin Studio you should add these two lines in the top of your template: @inherits Continue reading